1. An old W3 poster
    November 30, 2012 by Walden3

    I found a copy of this old poster the other day, back when we were beating the drum and trying to get the attention of, and the support from, the individuals in Seattle who possessed the means to really activate a cultural renaissance in Seattle. The idea was, if you look back on any of the great artistic and cultural advances, the golden eras of art and expression, they had, almost without exception, the backing of a few very wealthy individuals. The Medici family sponsored the Italian Renaissance, Peggy Guggenheim and David Rockefeller fueled New York’s post WWII golden age of Abstract Expressionism, Post-Modernism and Pop Art, and more recently collectors and patrons such as Eli Broad and the Rubell Family actively shape and support our fine art landscape through their far reaching patronage of visual art.

    With such a great concentration of wealth in the Pacific Northwest, it was hard not to ask, who among them would fuel a cultural golden age and define for themselves a legacy in arts and culture. Of course one cannot simply throw money into a hole and expect greatness. A map was needed, and Walden Three was that map.