1. Best Augmentations: A Survey of Noteworthy Geo-located Virtual Art
    November 14, 2013 by Walden3
    Screen-shot from 43rd story of the Freedom Tower, NYC- "Falling Man Memorail" by Paul Goldblatt

    Screen-shot from 93rd story of the Freedom Tower, NYC- “Falling Man Memorial” by Paul Goldblatt

    In conjunction with Dylan Neuwirth’s ground-breaking show IDOL THREAT in the Mercer Gallery, the Denny School of Art at Walden 3 is excited to present a lecture by NYU art historian Mark Kunstler about the ground already broken in the field of augmented reality (AR). Best Augmentations: A Survey of Noteworthy Geo-located Virtual Art will feature a slideshow of screen-shots of dozens of pieces in their geo-located habitats, as well as Kunstler’s insight into the politics, legal implications, and future of the burgeoning field. The presentation will also include real-time video interviews between Kunstler and four prominent figures in AR. Leslie Ngo, CEO and founder of RadicalEyes, a viewer app that has edged out pioneers AugmentIt and Overlair as the premier virtual real estate broker for artists, will discuss how she approached the Smithsonian regarding virtual posting rights to their exhibition spaces in D.C. There will be a live demonstration of RadicalEyes’ innovations in proximity sensing using mesh networks that give installations an accuracy to within an inch of true space. Other interviews will involve artists Cesar Enriquez (whose digital overlay of full-body nudes atop the entire collection of the National Portrait Gallery got his name on the cover of ArtForum), French sculptor Amina Moussa (whose virtual superimposition of the Muslim Kaaba on the glass pyramid at the Louvre fomented right wing anti-immigration protests in Paris), and New York animator Paul Goldblatt (whose 3D recreation of the falling man from Richard Drew’s famous photo of the 9/11 tragedy at the exact triangulated elevation of its moment of capture presents a sublime monument of the horrific event, viewable from the windows of the newly opened “Freedom Tower” at the site of the World Trade Center). It promises to be an evening of exquisite archival footage, vanguard insights, and elucidating discussion. Not to be missed.