1. Ian Wallace Lectures at Walden 3
    December 12, 2012 by Walden3

    Ian Wallace: “Abstract Drawing ( Hotel de Nice, Paris, February 2, 2010)”, 2010

    Vancouver-based minimalist painter/photographer Ian Wallace has a very comprehensive show currently hanging at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Stretching over 5 decades, Mr. Wallace’s work shows a continual thematic strand of what has been clunkily labeled “meta-art” by those attempting to frame what he does. Photographs of writing (both his and poets like Stephane Mallarme), photographs of his drawing stuff in makeshift studios in hotels around Europe, photographs of his own drawings on his drawing table, and even photo and video documentation of him making work- all presented as art unto itself. His commentary on the art of the art-making process show deep personal commitments to documentation and the importance of reflection on the creative space artists carve our for themselves.
    In that spirit, the curatorial staff at Walden 3, in conjunction with our lecture and education coordinator, decided to petition Mr. Wallace to push his art about art-making further, and we were delighted by his response. So, coming up in January 2013, we are proud to present Ian Wallace: Infinity Mirror- a one-night-only lecture about a film he made of his process of photographing his drawings of his own paintings. There will also be available a limited edition printing of a book about the lecture, from Walden 3’s own Civil Disobedience Press. The book itself is purportedly the subject of the paintings, from which the drawings in the photographs in the video upon which the lecture is based are comprised. As a precautionary measure, Walden 3 will have psychologists on hand to counsel any audience members who are traumatized by the lecture.