1. The People vs. The Art of Unethical Artists
    December 4, 2013 by Walden3



    The Peppermint show has been open for a couple of weeks now, garnering its share of kudos from art literati, protests from the Seattle Archdiocese, and endless bickering from the blogosphere. The educational staff here at Walden 3 stand firm in our belief that the best way to address the questions from this controversial show is to ask you, the concerned public, to weigh in, live, next Thursday, as part of our continuing lecture series. Since it’s all about judgment, we will be turning the steps of the Denny School of Art into an ersatz courtroom, over which will preside the Honorable Sandra Jackson-Dumont, from the Seattle Art Museum. On trial will be the works of four men versus their bodies of work, in an attempt to find consensus on how the art stands up to the artists’ various ignominious behaviors.

    CASE 1: the soul-enlivening musical canon of “the Hardest-working Man in Show Business” vs. infamous spouse abuser and drug addict James Brown

    CASE 2: the high craft, deft meta-irony of one of the NW’s premier ceramic masters vs. Nazi-sympathizer and Holocaust downplayer Charles Krafft

    CASE 3: the quirky, earnest folk art paintings of a late-blooming romantic vs. the corrupt, dunder-headed political nightmare of George W. Bush

    CASE 4: the curious oeuvre of therapeutic peppermint paintings vs. the show’s headlining artist, Thomas Henkelsen.

    For each case, the audience will be invited to act as both prosecutors and defendants, microphones will be used for testimony, claims and evidence will be fact-checked by the staff at W3, opinions will be passionately given, debate fostered, civility will be expected, but argument will be encouraged. Judge Jackson-Dumont will mediate when necessary, and all four men’s cases will be decided by the jury of all present with a formal vote. Matters will be settled thereafter at the Dial, where discussion is likely to carry on until closing time. We hope you can come with compelling testimonies and enjoy an evening of inspired judgment.