1. The problem with marquees (Jack Daws Edition)
    December 8, 2012 by Walden3

    Gone but not forgotten – an old marque from the Lust Lady.

    To just about anyone who has lived or worked in Seattle, the marquee that graced the front of the Lusty Lady, was about the wittiest, funniest advertisement in town. Even Mimi Gates, stepmother to Bill Gates and former director of the Seattle Art Museum called the marquee a Seattle landmark. “ALWAYS OPEN NEVER CLOTHED,” “WE TAKE OFF MORE THAN BOEING,” and “PIRATES KEEP THEIR BOOTY HERE” are just a few past announcements, and it was determined very early on that Walden Three would restore and continue the legacy of poking fun at the Seattle Art Museum (directly across the street), employing witty word play and constructing slogans that make pedestrians smile without fail.

    Our first announcement simply read VISUALIZE WALDEN THREE with our website address under it. I know, not exactly witty or funny, but it did get people thinking about and tuning into what we were up to. And maybe it is just harder being an art center than it is being a peep show (there is a billboard in there somewhere). Obviously, we can’t sexualize every show we mount (dang!) and art just isn’t as naughty as strip clubs – well it can be – but the point is we couldn’t use the words ERECT and BOOTY and LIVE NUDE GIRLS to announce every show. It’s harder than it looks.

    So Jack Daws is showing in the Dearborn Gallery in March and we’ve been kicking around a hundred different ideas for the marquee. The work is going to be incredible – for some reason that’s the easy part (Jack is one of the smartest, under-recognized artists in the state), but the marque is driving me nuts! And with The Henry and SAM in town, to play around with Jack just seems priceless. I think the best one so far is SAM DOESNT KNOW JACK. Or maybe LEARN HOW TO DAWS. Or maybe SAM SLEEPS, HENRY SNOOZES and JACK DAWS. But I know there is something better out there. And so I thought I would turn it over to you. Got an idea? What is sharp and pointed and funny without including JACKING OFF or JACK DAWS JILL. Chew on it, and see if you can’t do better than us. Got an idea? Email us at: info@vital5productions.com. Thanks!